Lizz Sadowski: I Found My Squad

Sibling rivalry: 2 words that led me to CrossFit. One day, a few months ago, I was lifting with my sister (who had been doing CrossFit for 6 months at the time). I’m supposed to be the athletic one in our family, and that day she lifted more than me! That same night I stumbled upon an ad for the ‘New You’ class and determined that it was destiny.

You see, I was always one of those people who rolled my eyes at CrossFitters. I thought they were a cult who thought that CrossFit was the end all, be all of fitness. Plus, I was content with my fitness routine, I was in decent shape, why change anything? So, I went into the first class with some reservations. Let me tell you, every single preconceived notion I had about CrossFit was thrown out of the window in that first 60 minutes. I have never felt so welcomed by a group of strangers in my life. And by the second class, when I got to throw down my first barbell, I was hooked. I drank, hell I chugged, the Koolaid!

What’s my favorite part about CrossFit? That’s an easy one…anyone who does CrossFit always talks about ‘the community’ above anything else. When I started, I didn’t know how much I needed something like this, on a personal level. I needed a squad. I work a very busy and stressful job, have an amazing husband, and 3 year old son; but I needed something that was just for me, somewhere I could go and totally be myself without judgement. I’m not in competition here with anyone but myself. I am supported and lifted up by everyone around me, and I have learned so much already.

I’m learning patience: that you need to perfect the form, and the weight will follow. I’m learning that you are your own worst enemy, and if you can get past all of the mental ‘I cant’s’ your body will do things far past what your mind believes. I’m learning that it is a very thin line between stranger and friend. And the one thing that I need to learn is to never read the WOD for the next day and say, ‘oh, that looks easy’ 🙂

I am no longer just content with my fitness routine. Every day I strive to be better, stronger, faster than the day before. And with my Arsenal squad by my side, all things are possible!”