Kelly Emmett: It’s All About Community

“I started doing CrossFit because I was ready to try something new. I’ve always loved working out but for years was in a boring routine of running and lifting; CrossFit seemed like a new challenge that looked like a lot more fun than what I had been doing – and I was right!

My favorite part of CrossFit is the community. Hands down the community. Of course I love the WODs, and pushing myself to become fitter and stronger, but I love coming to the gym every day and taking class with the Arsenal crew. Arsenal has such a great group of athletes that support each other in and out of the gym, and I really value all the friendships I have made over the last year!

CrossFit has taught me how hard I can push myself. For me, working out used to be about staying in shape and being healthy. Now, CrossFit makes me want to be the fittest and strongest version of myself. I love how measurable everything we do is, and constantly look forward to redoing workouts to see how much I’ve improved.”