Four Steps Forward. One Step Back.

Fitness is overcomplicated.

There is too much information and too many people telling you to do this and not that.

Telling you to eat this, in this quantity, at this particular time.

Telling you to eat paleo, or go keto, or count your macros or whatever.

They will tell you not to lift weights because you will hurt yourself, but also be careful running because your knees will take a pounding.

With so much contradictory information out there how are you suppose to have any success improving your health and fitness?

I have said this before, but the truth is that anything will work if you do it consistently.

But what does ‘consistently’ mean?

At Arsenal, we advise clients to follow the 80/20 rule.

Make the right choice 80% of the time and you will see success.

The 80% is your four steps forward and 20% is your one step back.

Each time you decide to better your health and wellbeing you are taking one step forward.

This includes going to bed early to get adequate sleep, choosing water over soda, eating a salad instead of a sandwich, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Here is the fun part. Each time you take four steps (make four healthy decisions) you get to take one step back.

Now, to be clear, we are talking about one step. Not a gigantic leap.

If you have made four healthy decisions today you should celebrate your wins tonight!

Pour yourself a glass of wine, have a cookie, or enjoy a small bowl of ice cream, but remember, once you have taken your one step back you need to take four steps forward again before the next indulgence.

The key here is that we are making healthy decisions more often than not and if we can do this consistently over time those healthy decisions will add up to big improvements in your health and fitness.

Need help taking your first step forward? Our coaches are here to meet with you 1-on-1 to get to know you, your goals, and design a custom fitness and nutrition program that will deliver big results.

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