Food Relationship

By: Lizz Sadowski

I want you to do me a favor.  After you’re done reading this message, go to Google and type in “how to lose weight”.  You will see hundreds of pages telling you hundreds of different things:

*Don’t eat carbs because carbs make you fat.

*Don’t eat fat because fat makes you fat.

*Don’t eat after 6 pm because nighttime calories make you fat.

*Don’t eat fruit because sugar makes you fat.

*Just don’t eat…but that makes you fat too, because of starvation mode.

It is no wonder that over 65% of Americans are overweight, we are all so confused as to which advice to follow, that we end up doing nothing at all (or trying one of the “get skinny quick” schemes that never end up working in the long term).  So what is the right answer to this weight loss conundrum? I wish I had a list of quick tips and tricks that will guarantee you success, but no such list exists. The truth is, losing weight is hard, and losing weight and keeping it off is even harder.  

“Great, thanks Lizz, that’s not what I wanted to hear…”

If it were easy, we would all be walking around in crop tops and booty shorts to show off our banging bods.  The problem with how most people tackle losing weight is that they focus on food. Wait a minute, am I telling you that you shouldn’t focus on food to lose weight? 

Yep, that is exactly what I’m saying.  Most people aren’t overweight because of food.  Most people are overweight because they have a messed up relationship with food.  We all know what we should be eating to be as healthy as possible, but we just can’t seem to make that happen.  Maybe you have a great week of eating, logging every calorie and eating all of the veggies.  Then the weekend hits: you have a few social engagements that involve food (because what social engagements DON’T involve food??).  You decide that you are going to have a #cheatday because you worked hard all week and you deserve it!! That cheat day snowballs into 3 days of eating like a 5-year-old left alone in a candy store.  

“Oh well, I’ll start over on Monday and get back on track.”

Does this sound like you? This mentality is precisely why we all need to put the focus on bettering our relationship with food, rather than just trying to white-knuckle our way through controlling what we eat.  Are you ready for the quick tip that you’ve been waiting for?

**Start paying attention to “why” you are eating when you are eating.  Do it today. Do it with every bite you take. Are you eating because you are stressed, bored, sad, happy, sleepy, grumpy, or any of the seven dwarfs? If yes, you are emotionally eating, and this will keep you from your weight loss goals.  Fixing your relationship with food takes time, you didn’t learn these habits overnight, and you won’t fix them overnight either. It will take a little help, as well. That’s where I come in. Over the past year, I have worked diligently to repair my own relationship with food.  I sit here now, the healthiest and happiest I have ever been, and maintain my weight with very little thought. I want you to be here too because it sure is a great place to be.  

Join me for our Fit For Fall Partner Nutrition Challenge, where we will not only teach you all of the healthy habits to help you live your best life, but we will also delve into helping you to improve your relationship with food.  We are getting starting on October 7th and will provide you with custom meal plans, macros, weekly partner workouts, and most importantly, 6 weeks of accountability and guidance. Send an email to [email protected] to sign up, or if you would like more information.