Removing the Fear of Getting Started

Everyone has a level of apprehension when starting something new and this is especially true when it comes to fitness. Our vision is to help everyone who walks through our doors live their best life possible through fitness and nutrition coaching. 

To bring this vision to life we understand that it is going to take time to get you where you need to be and it is why we created our 90-day programs to set you on the path to success.

During your first 90-days our goal is to accomplish three things:

  1. Remove the fear of getting started.
  2. Develop an ideal fitness routine that will keep you accountable.
  3. Create a healthy relationship with nutrition.

Here is a deeper look into what you can expect . . .

Month 1:

This is where your journey begins and when you will need the most one on one attention from a coach. Each week during this month you’ll work with a personal trainer twice a week for one hour and workout in two Bootcamp classes (your choice between a 30 or 60-minute class). 

You’ll also meet with your nutrition coach for your initial consultation. This a one-hour session where your coach will dig deep to learn about your day, tease out your habits, and find three actionable steps to transform your relationship with food.

Month 2: 

By this time you have been working out four days a week both in a 1-on-1 and group setting. Energy levels are starting to rise and momentum is on your side. It’s time for your first check-in. To kick-off month two of your journey you’ll meet with your nutrition coach again to discuss what worked, what you enjoyed, and what we need to improve. At this point, we’ll do another inBody scan to track your progress and show you how much you’ve improved in just four weeks. 

Month two is also where your group classes kick into full gear. You’ve completed all of your personal training sessions and have graduated from the on-ramp, but the accountability doesn’t stop. You’re on-ramp coach will be constantly checking in to make sure you’re getting to at least three class per week.

Month 3:

All systems are a go! You have eight weeks under your belt and working out and eating healthy are starting to become second nature. It’s time for check-in number three. This one is crucial and where clients start to see big changes in their health and fitness. By this time, clients are fully integrated into our community and are generally working out five days a week as well as staying in communication with their nutrition coach.

Post 90-Days:

You did it! You completed a life-changing 3-months of fitness and nutrition. Now what? It’s important to remember that this is a journey with checkpoints and victories along the way but there isn’t an end. At the end of your 90-days, you will have found a fitness and nutrition experience that you enjoy and supportive community to keep you accountable and coming back for more.

Ready to begin your 90-day journey? 

Schedule a time to meet 1-on-1 with a coach today!