Arsenal Gymnastics Course Starts June 19

Gymnastic movements are some of the most advanced and difficult exercises that athletes perform. To execute these skills correctly requires strength, stability, balance, and coordination. That being said, we are excited to bring back the Arsenal Gymnastics Course! Athletes will learn to perform various exercises and skills (e.g., Squat, Pistol, Pushup, Handstand Pushup, Pull-up, Muscle-up, etc.) with mechanically sound technique, adopting positions that enable greater expressions of strength.


This course is designed to educate athletes regarding the safe, efficient and effective biomechanics and positions associated with body-weight movements. We are offering two levels to accommodate each athlete and their ability levels.

Level I will focus on developing the baseline strength required to perform basic gymnastics skills such as pull-ups, pushups, pistols, holds, splits, and rope Climbs.

*Level II will focus on developing the butterfly kip, handstand pushups and walks, as well as ring & bar muscle-ups.

*In order to test into the Level II course athletes MUST schedule a time to meet with a coach and complete the requirements listed below. Please use THIS LINK to schedule your time.

This is a 6-week, 3 day per week course:
June 19 – July 29

Level I
Monday’s and Wednesday’s 7:30 – 8:30pm
Saturday’s 10:00 – 11:00am

Level II
Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 7:30 – 8:30pm
Saturdays 8:00 – 9:00am

Course Prerequisites

Level I Prerequisites
No performance prerequisites.

Level II Prerequisites
Male and Female
Tabata Squat (Eight Intervals) with the lowest number of Squats completed in 20 seconds being > 13 repetitions. The full range of motion (hip crease below the top of the knee) must be met in order for the repetition to count.

Male – 5x Strict Pull-up
Female – 3x Strict Pull-up
*Repetitions can be broken into rapid singles

Male – 20x Pushup
Female – 10x Pushup
*Chest and thighs must make contact with the deck at the bottom of each repetition, and elbows must reach full extension at the top.

Hollow Hold or Plank:
Male and female – 20-second Hollow Hold or 60-second Plank

$175 for members
Sign up includes a special edition Arsenal Gymnastics t-shit or tank top!