Arsenal Gymnastics Course 2.0

In CrossFit, body-weight movements are considered gymnastics (e.g., air squat, push-up, pull-up, etc.). We are taking skills from the sport of gymnastics and applying them to workouts. In CrossFit, the gymnastics label is applied any exercise in which you move your body through a range of motion (ROM) or an extended range of motion (EROM) without an external load. Isometric holds are also considered gymnastics.
CrossFit uses short parallel bars (“parallettes”), the floor, still rings, pull-up bars, dip bars, climbing ropes, and other equipment to implement gymnastics training.

Focusing on all of these elements we are happy to introduce to you the new and improved Arsenal Gymnastics course!

WHAT: The Arsenal 6-week gymnastics course will teach the skills of all CrossFit gymnastics movements and combine them with appropriate skill work to develop proficiency in these movements. A gymnastic based Metcon will also be completed at the end of class. These workouts should replace your metcon for these days or at the very least be split into morning and evening sessions.

WHEN: August 6th- September 15th M,W @ 7:30pm, Sat @ 10am OR M,W @ 10:30am and Sat @ 10am
PRICE: $150 for members, $200 for non-members *All Gymnastics ITP members will receive $70 off

IS THIS APPROPRIATE FOR ME? If you are someone who wants to get better at gymnastics movements and willing to put in the work then YES! All strength/skill work can be modified to fit an athlete’s current level. Scaling options will also be provided during every workout.

If you have any questions or if you are ready to sign up email [email protected]!