Wednesday, September 28

15 Rounds
9 Lateral Barbell Jumps
7 Pushups
5 Front Squats (75/45lbs)

10 Rounds
9 Lateral Barbell Jumps
7 Pushups
5 Front Squats

Make sure you have some sort of counting plan for this one, because you will definitely lose count if you just do it in your head! The goal is to be able to perform 1 round per minute. Nothing should need to be broken up, for anyone, so scale the movements accordingly. Especially the Pushups, if you don’t think you can hold 7 Pushups for 15 rounds, then either start Rxd and go to a scaling option once you start failing!

The Lateral Barbell Jumps are just that, done laterally/side to side over their Barbell. You might need to add a little height under the Barbells that will be empty or only have small plates on them. Or you can use Paralletes to jump over.

The Front Squat weight is light. 5 Reps shouldn’t really feel like anything for most people and it shouldn’t slow anyone down. Scale as needed.

Beyond RXD


Front squat

NOTE: Build to a heavy double across the working sets. Try to hit a heavier weight than on 9/17.


5 rounds for time:
10 front rack lunges (175/115)
15 KB swings (70/53)

NOTE: Goal is finish in under 8 minutes. The lunges are total steps, so 5 each leg, each round. Both movements should be unbroken the whole time; hang on to that KB. There is a 10 minute cap.