Wednesday, September 21

[wod date=”2016-9-21″]

Make sure you run the 200m with some intensity! In workouts like this, people often use the run as a rest or transition into the next movement. Do your best to avoid this and make it your goal to go all out! By round five you may slow down a little due to fatigue, but that is different to purposely jogging.

Three Thrusters isn’t a lot, but at the loads prescribed, it is enough to fatigue you for the Muscle Ups.The focus of this Workout is on the Muscle Ups. Programming the sets as unbroken forces you to stay on the rings a little longer than you normally would or would like to. You should be aiming to go to failure each time. There is enough rest between sets that you will recover!

Scoring = Time – Total Muscle Up Reps (1 Rep = 1 Second)

Beyond RXD

For time:
1 mile sled drag

NOTE: Goal is to consistently walk, with minimal stopping for one mile. Choose a weight that will allow you to complete the mile in no longer than 30 minutes. Avoid excessive pitching forward at the chest, stay upright like regular walking. Suggested loading is BW, 3/4 BW, 1/2 BW, or 1/3 BW.