Wednesday, June 29

The ‘Bear Complex’ consists of five movements done in one unbroken set: Hang Power Clean + Front Squat + Push Press + Back Squat + Push Jerk (from behind the neck). This is considered 1 rep of the Complex. For the workout, you need to go through the complex 5 times each round.

For today, we want everyone to perform the movements as written. Meaning, the Front Squat/Push Press needs to be separate movements rather than it being combined as a thruster. Same with the Back Squat/Push Jerk. The Jerk needs to be a Jerk.

[wod date=”2016-6-29″]

Beyond RXD

Rest 15 minutes

As many QUALITY rounds as possible in 20 minutes:
3 box jump (40″/36″)
2 strict muscle ups
1 L-sit rope climb

NOTE: Goal is 8+ rounds. Keep the integrity of the movements even if it means you have to slow down.