Wednesday, July 6

The bent over barbell row isn’t used a lot in CrossFit, but we think it is a great complimentary lift to all the functional movements we perform on a regular basis. It requires a lot of midline stability and shoulder activation, simply to hold the top and bottom positions, so adding load gives us even more bang for our buck! Watch your positions — it is really easy to get pulled out of a good position if you go even a little bit too heavy.

For the press, go heavy across all 5 sets. Start with a load you intend to use for all 5 sets. It will get heavy and you may start to fail, but that’s okay. Just take some off.

[wod date=”2016-7-6″]

Beyond RXD

For individual times:
5 x 100m Sprint
5 x 250m Row
5 x 50m Prowler sprint

NOTE: Rest 60 seconds between each sprint and 3 minutes between each movement. Complete all sprints of one movement before moving on to the next. Goal is to go all out on each sprint.