Wednesday, July 20

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Six rounds may seem like a long time to maintain a relatively high intensity across all the movements. Use the practise round to get a sense of what rep scheme you can maintain. The built in rest at the end of each round will help you hold this. You have around 10-15sec rest max at the end of completion of the movement.

The power cleans are touching the ground each rep. The Jumping Lunges are 20 total reps – 10 each side.

Beyond RXD


Power Snatch


NOTE: Work up to a heavy double across the 6 working sets. Not touch and go, reset between each rep.


1 Round every 2 minutes for as long as possible:
4 Strict Muscle ups
8 Strict Handstand Push ups
12 KB Swings

NOTE: Goal is to complete the work, then rest until 2 minutes and repeat until the round takes longer than the 2 minute window. Scale the reps down to where the first round takes no longer than 90 seconds. Try to get 5+ rounds.