Tuesday, July 12

The weight is set as moderate today for the Power Snatch and Overhead Squat. You will most likely be able to do the first set unbroken through both movements, but after that you will probably need to break each set up a few times. Scale the load as needed. In a lot of cases, people will find that one of the movements feels easier than the other movement. Use the load for the movement that feels the lightest, not the heaviest.

There is no rest between the Bike/5 Rounds/Bike.

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Beyond RXD

For time:
1 mile sled drag

NOTE: Goal is to consistently walk, with minimal stopping for one mile. Choose a weight that will allow you to complete the mile in no longer than 30 minutes. Avoid excessive pitching forward at the chest, stay upright like regular walking. Suggested loading is BW, 3/4 BW, 1/2 BW, or 1/3 BW. Go slightly heavier than you did 2 weeks ago.