Tuesday, December 20

10 Rounds
100m Plate Carry (2 Plates) (15/10’s)
12 D-Ball Situps
6 D-Ball Squat Clean

10 Rounds
100m Plate Carry (2 Plates)
12 Situps
6 MB Squat Clean

Plate Carry’s are not on the program often, but we love them! You need to carry one plate in each hand and they must be held ‘pinching’ style. Basically, gripping each plate between your hands, Farmers Carry style. You can’t hold it in the holes somehow, or tuck them under your armpits. You can walk, jog or run with the plates!


Time to complete the Workout.

WOD Goal

Everyone should aim to do all movements unbroken for the 10 (or 8) rounds. The biggest challenge will be to keep hold of the plates. The more fatigued and sweaty you get, the more the plates will start to slip out of your hands. This is also when people figure out a technique that works for them to get through it.

Beyond RXD

Hang Power clean
3 x max reps (225/155)

Hang Power Snatch
3 x max reps (185/125)

Muscle ups
3 x max reps

NOTE: Try to get at least 10 reps each time. Rest as needed between efforts. Lower the weight if needed so that you can accomplish at least one set of 10.