Tuesday, December 13

Burpee Pullup
Front Squat (115/75lbs)

Burpee Jumping Pullup
Front Squat

7 rounds of descending reps for Burpee Pullups and Front Squats. The Burpee Pullups should be performed under a Pullup Bar that is a hands distance away from your reach. They can be done anyhow. Jumping straight into the Pullup, which is more of a strict method, or jumping up, then doing a Kipping Pullup.


Time to complete the Workout.

WOD Goal

The goal is to be as consistent across the rounds as possible. People will want to slow down during those Burpee Pullups in the middle rounds, s0 start out a little conservative if you know you are going to fatigue fast. Ideally, the Front Squats shouldn’t need to be broken up during each round. But if you do break them up, 1 or 2 times should be the max. Scale the load accordingly. Modify the Burpee Pullup as mentioned above.

Beyond RXD

Bench press

NOTE: Go for a 1 rep max on the bench press. You get seven attempts to build up to the heaviest weight possible.