Travis Myers AKA Ya Boiiiii: Going to the Gym is the Highlight of Most Days

I had just moved to the East End, didn’t really know anybody, lacked the motivation to make myself go to a more conventional gym, and had some prior CrossFit experience from when I was swimming in college, so I decided to give it a shot and went in for a “No-Sweat” at Arsenal.

From the beginning I really loved everything surrounding the mentality behind CrossFit and the atmosphere at Arsenal, so I wouldn’t say my impression of either has really evolved, but the love for both has definitely grown exponentially.

My favorite part of CrossFit is easily the community. For me, going to the gym is the highlight of most days and that’s all thanks to the people who are there teaching / pushing / cheering you on and always down to share some laughs and a beer (or five…) afterwards. CrossFit attracts some of the most genuine people you’re ever likely to find and I’m constantly grateful for the friends that it’s brought into my life.

Mentally, I’ve learned to accept my weaknesses more easily and keep a growth-mindset that allows me to focus on how I can improve rather than just get down on myself. Physically, there are number of things I could barely do or couldn’t do at all a year ago (Pull Ups, Double Unders, Hand Stand Push Ups) that I actually look forward to doing in workouts now, so I’m excited seeing what I’m able to add to that list over the next year and beyond.