starting a fitness journey

Starting a Fitness Journey

What are the keys to starting a fitness journey? What does it take to be successful long-term? How long will it take to accomplish my goals? If you are looking to transform your health and fitness, these are probably a few of the questions you have been asking yourself. 

Here are a few tips to help you begin a fitness journey that will last a lifetime. 


Finding wins and building momentum at the beginning of your fitness journey are essential. Making significant changes to your lifestyle can be physically and mentally exhausting. To be successful long-term, you need to celebrate what you may perceive as the smallest of accomplishments. 

Getting into your car and driving to the gym is a WIN.

Not putting sugar in your morning coffee is a WIN.

Showing up to class and giving your all regardless of the outcome is a huge WIN.

All of these small wins added up over three months, a year, three years, etc., will drastically transform your life. 


Wins are much easier to come by if you have a clear plan laid out in front of you. Therefore, when starting your fitness journey, it’s vital to define your goals and how you define success. From there, you will want to establish a baseline to measure your future self against. 

When building your plan, try not to stress over the details. Instead, keep things simple and easy to accomplish in the beginning to build your momentum – small wins.


You need to find a like-minded person or community of people to help hold you accountable for your goals. It’s challenging to make lasting changes if you are the only person in your life who is focused on improving health and fitness or making a lifestyle change.

Joining a gym (preferably one specializing in personal training or small group classes) will give you the support system you need to succeed. While walking through the door the first time can be intimidating, it will get easier as you become familiar with your new community. 

At Arsenal, all of our members begin with a 90-day fitness journey that helps them build momentum and overcome doubt to see lasting results. We help define goals, establish timelines, and create plans unique to each individual. 

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