Reason #1 For Not Trying CrossFit: Money

The number one reason we hear all the time for not trying CrossFit is money. I mean, why join a CrossFit gym for close to $200/month when you can join LA Fitness for $50 a month, right??? At first glance it can be tough to see what you are really getting when you pay for a CrossFit membership – so we broke it down for you!

CrossFit: $155/month

Globo Gym: $50/month

Let’s look at what you get with each membership:

Programming: CrossFit – Yes | Globo Gym – No (Cost: $200/month)

When you join a big box gym all you are paying for is access to the equipment. At CrossFit, we provide you with an all inclusive program that includes your warm up, stretching, strength work, and conditioning. We also make sure that every workout is tailored to fit your needs and abilities.

Coaching: CrossFit – Yes | Globo Gym – No (Cost: $70/hour)

CrossFit provides the BEST value as far as Coaching (personal training) compared to any other gym. At your typical Globo gym, you’ll pay up to $70 per hour to have someone coach you. At Arsenal, you’re coached in a small group setting every time you walk through the doors with no additional cost. Assume that you do one session once a week with a trainer at LA Fitness – that’s $280/month.

Accountability: CrossFit – Yes | Globo Gym – No

You can’t put a price on accountability. When you commit to a CrossFit membership, you are committing to a healthier future for yourself. When you stop showing up at a Globo Gym, no one notices. No one calls and asks where you are or how you doing. At Arsenal make sure you’re staying on track. We want you to make the most out of your health and fitness and help to keep you focused on achieving your goals.

So let’s take another look:

CrossFit – $155/month

Globo Gym (With everything included at a CrossFit gym) – $530/month