Monday, September 19

[wod date=”2016-9-19″]

A 15min workout with a total of 7.5min of actual work. This means you need to put in 100% effort during every 30sec interval. The 15min will go by pretty quickly.

Score = total Cals + total Push Press and Lunges reps. The easiest way for you to keep score would probably be to get one number for each movement during the workout. Record that and then add them all up at the end.

Beyond RXD


Push Press

NOTE: Build to a heavy double across the working sets.


For time:
30 Muscle ups (strict)

NOTE: Goal is to finish in around twice the time that 30 kipping muscle ups takes you. There is a 10 minute cap here, so get as many strict muscle ups as you can if you aren’t going to finish.