Monday, September 12

[wod date=”2016-9-12″]

The goal for the Back Squats today should be to hold the same load across all 6 sets of 2. Or, at least perform a few sets at the same load and then go a little every few sets. You shouldn’t really want to go up because you should be at a pretty heavy load to begin with. The percentage will vary for people depending on their strength, but aim to be around 85-90% of your 1RM.

Beyond RXD


Power clean

NOTE: Build to a heavy double across the 6 working sets. Should not be “touch and go.”


5 rounds for quality:
20m Prowler sprint (Heavy)
Max reps HS push up (strict)
-Rest 1 minute between rounds-

NOTE: Goal is go hard on the sled followed by a good set of HS push ups. Keep them strict for as long as possible, but if you start getting less than 7 reps, switch to kipping.