Monday, November 21

1km Row
50 Wall Ball (20/14lbs)
40 Box Jumps (24/20-inch)
30 Ring Pushups
40 KB Swing (24/16kgs)
50 MB Clean
1km Row

500m Row
40 Wall Ball (14/10)
30 45lb Plate Jumps
20 20-inch Box Pushups
30 KB Swing (16/12kgs)
40 MB Clean (14/10lbs)
500m Run

This is the longest of the Benchmark workouts, for most people, over 20min. It is a great mix of Cardiovascular Endurance and Muscular Stamina (amongst other things!). Nothing should be so hard that you can’t keep moving through at a good pace. Be consistent on the first row, find a good pace and try to hold it. You can go all out on the last Row! For the rest of the workout, short rests then go again. This applies to all categories/levels of the workout. The limiting movement will most likely be the ring pushup. Otherwise, everything else just requires a lot of breathing and mental grind to get through!

Beyond RXD

For Quality:
-10 Rope Climbs (Legless)
-50 Hip extensions (25/15)

NOTE: To add difficulty to the rope climbs, start and finish from a seated position. If this will be your first attempts at the Peg board, only go up halfway for each rep. Try to perform a more difficult variation than on 10/31.