Learn How to Count Macros and Reach Your Goals

When it comes to being successful with nutrition, the first thing that needs to be established is a goal. Once that goal is in place, we can begin working backward and develop a plan to go from step one to the final destination. That plan can be as simple as increasing water intake, eating veggies at every meal, or eliminating processed foods.

I have always found counting macros to be an effective nutrition strategy because it helps me break one big goal into daily micro-goals. I enjoy the feeling of checking the boxes at the end of the day, knowing I ate the exact amounts of protein, carbs, and fat (macronutrients) to bring me one step closer to my goal. Checking the boxes each day also gives me a win that I can celebrate, and then one win turns to two, and two to three, and suddenly, I have momentum.

Most people are successful in establishing a goal and building a plan because it is a theoretical practice. Where they generally slip up is on the execution and establishing consistent habits to make the process easier. Eating the right amount of foods each day helps build consistency, but to be successful with counting macros long-term, we need to develop habits that make reaching those daily numbers easy and fun. 

Our first nutrition challenge of 2021 is designed to set you up for success all year long. Over four weeks, you will learn how to stay motivated and accountable towards your goals and set yourself up for success by preparing each week and daily, which will save time and money.

Start Date:

Saturday, January 30


  • In-body Scan for baseline numbers
  • Entering baselines into MyFitnessPal for starting macros
  • Tools to help you adjust macro range based on your goal of losing weight, gaining or muscle, or establishing a maintenance baseline

Weekly Lessons Delivered via Zoom

Week 1: Planning the Night Before

Week 2: Staying Within Your Range

Week 3: Simplifying Weighing and Measuring

Week 4: Identifying the Best Food Choices


$99 for members

$149 for nonmembers

Email [email protected] to reserve your spot!