June 24, 2016

The workout works like this: you have 3 min to perform 100/80 Double Unders or Fast Feet Jumps. Then rest whatever is left of 3 min. Then you get another 3 min to perform 50/40 Double Unders/Fast Feet Jumps + 10 Squat/Power Snatch and then rest the remainder of that 3min, and so on and so on for 12min. The last 3min is slightly different to the rest. It is just as many reps as possible of power snatches for the duration of the 3min.

Your score = total Power Snatch reps.

[wod date=”2016-6-24″]

Beyond RXD


5×1 (3 position)

NOTE: 5 attempts to build in weight in a 3 position snatch. One set consists of high hang snatch, BTK (below the knee) snatch, full snatch.


For quality:
20 strict muscle ups
40 chest to bar pull ups

NOTE: Complete in as few sets as possible. Maximum is 10 sets/attempts per movement.