Getting Off the Weight Loss Merry-Go-Round

When we meet with potential clients we do our best to get to know them.

For us, it is important to sit down in a private setting where they can feel comfortable enough to tell us their struggles, goals, and what is holding them back.

During these meetings, it is not uncommon for us to hear stories about the success they have experienced in the past.

Here are the two most common:

  1. “A few years ago I really dedicated myself to getting fit and I lost 20lbs in about 6-weeks, but then X, Y, and Z happened.”
  2. “I’ve been working hard this past year and have lost 50lbs on my own, but now I’m stuck and don’t know where to go from here.”

We call both of these scenarios ‘weight loss merry go rounds.’

Scenario number one is the most common because people often go through times of extreme motivation and the stars align to help them lose weight, but then life takes over and they are right back where they started. And then a year or two later they will find time to dedicate to themselves again, lose the weight, and then again, life takes over.

On the merry go round, off the merry go round, on and off again. 

When a client describes this situation to us it is our job to dig into the factors in their lives that may be preventing them from making consistent and sustainable progress. In this situation, we dive into the everyday habits that either leads us to failure or lead us to success and work and in hand to design a fitness and nutrition plan that is going to lead to long-term success.

Scenario number two is different because these clients have not been off the merry go round yet, but they have had their fun and know the ride is coming to end. 

The problem is that when it is over they do not know where to go next.

In this case, it is our job to keep the fun going. We act as guides that will lead them to the next step in their journey that will continue them down the path of success they have been traveling without having to take steps backward. 

Ready to start your journey? Everyone’s fitness and nutrition needs are different and our coaches are here to help put the best plan together for you.