Friday, July 8

Score is total double unders + total situps

This workout relies heavily on you pushing yourself to get a good stimulus. If you sandbag the row and then walk slowly over to their Jump Rope/GHD/Abmat, you won’t get the bang for your buck vs if you show some urgency in the transitions. This could be argued for most workouts, but these types of workouts in particular lend themselves to people not going as hard. You should have over a minute to perform the movements after each row.

[wod date=”2016-7-8″]

Beyond RXD


Every minute for 15 minutes:
1 Power snatch
1 Hang squat snatch
1 Squat snatch

NOTE: Complete all 3 lifts each minute. Start at (135/95) and add 10lbs every minute if it is a successful lift. Miss a lift and decrease 10lbs. Catching the power snatch below parallel is a miss.


For time:
100 Front rack walking lunges (165/125)

NOTE: Goal is under 10 minutes, every drop of the bar is a 10 burpee penalty.