Friday, August 26

[wod date=”2016-8-26″]

The weight is set as light to moderate, but after a few reps it might start to feel heavy. That is the nature of the two movements. Use the warmup to see how it feels after a few reps with the Rxd weight and whether or not you want to scale. Some people may need to perform the Jumping Lunges without any load. It can be hard to balance without load, let alone adding dumbbells to either side. You’ll also have the option to perform regular weighted lunges.

Beyond RXD


Back squat

NOTE: Perform 1 rep of a heavy(ish) squat on the 2 minutes. The reps should be fast and smooth. Decrease in weight if they begin to get sticky or grindy, however this should be a heavier weight than last week’s doubles.


Every minute for 20 minutes:
Min 1: 20 calorie Row
Min 2: 15 DB push press (45/35)
Min 3: 20 calorie Row
Min 4: 15 Ring dip (strict)

NOTE: Goal is to complete as many sets of the push press and ring dips unbroken. Decrease the number of ring dips so the work can be completed within a 30-40 second window, if necessary.