End Shoulder Pain From Lifting Weights

It can seem almost impossible to workout if your shoulders aren’t healthy because it’s hard to find an exercise that your shoulders aren’t involved in. I mean, even back squatting can become difficult if you don’t have the mobility to properly set your elbows under the bar. Here are two great ways to improve your shoulder health that you can throw into your workout today!


Yeah, I know, no one likes to warm-up. It’s not fun and no one has time for it. But you better start making time. Warming up does a lot of things for the body like increasing our core temperature, increasing our range of motion, and mentally preparing us for the workout to come.


Proper technique usually comes from having a full range of motion. If you can’t put yourself in a good overhead position, chances are you’ll compensate elsewhere which can lead to chronic pain or worse yet a catastrophic injury. Because, like most humans, we are stuck in a desk all day long hunched over our key boards we can become very internally rotated.  Ten minutes of mobility work a day can help to reverse all that sitting and move you toward healthier shoulders.