CrossFit 101: Choosing The Right Box

Choosing which CrossFit gym (box) you want to become a part of can be an exciting thing! But, with so many to choose from, it can be hard to know what to look for. Here are a few things to find out before fully committing to any box.

Do they have a program for beginners?

If the box you’re looking into does not have a program for beginners you should be concerned. Going through a gyms Fundamentals or On-Ramp program is key to making sure you are getting the proper instruction and not being thrown to the wolves your first day. Our Fundamentals program runs for two weeks and goes over everything you need to get you ready for regular classes.

Do they go over mobility and recovery?

Staying healthy is key to success in any fitness program. In order to stay healthy and continue to make progress it is important that your box teach you how to fix mobility issues and to properly recover after a workout. If the box you’re interested in doesn’t provide a mobility assessment as part of their Fundamentals course you may want to look elsewhere.

Do they talk about nutrition?

Working out is only part of the equation. If you truly want to reach your goals and change your life you have to start in the kitchen. Proper nutrition is key in bettering your overall health and performance. Make sure whatever box you choose is educating you on the Paleo diet and helping you develop solid nutritional habits.

If you are in Pittsburgh and want more information on becoming a part of our box, be sure to check out our Founding Members Club! If you sign up before May 9 we will waive your Fundamentals Course fee and throw in our Mobility Assessment!