Celebrating Small Wins

Last week I used the Icebreaker question “What is a hobby or task that you’ve rediscovered during this pandemic?” Common answers were baking, catching up on shows, running, etc. Another common answer, including mine, was building puzzles. Now working my way through a second 1,000 piece Batman puzzle, I couldn’t quite figure out why I was enjoying it so much. I am normally very content watching Netflix (Highly recommend Tiger King and Ozark), playing Fifa, and taking naps; however, almost every second of my free time over the past week and a half has been spent working on puzzles.

In the middle of a virtual personal training session with two of my long time clients, we were talking about why we were both enjoying puzzles so much. Then it hit us, we are enjoying the puzzles so much because we are having small wins over and over and over.

Small wins make us happy! If you worked out at home today, that is a win! If you had half of your plate filled with vegetables, that’s a win! This is why celebrating and setting small goals is the basis of our individualized online coaching. Each day your virtual coach will not only provide you a workout, but they will provide you a goal for the day and why it is important to you and your goals!

Not every workout is going to feel amazing, not every day are you going to hit a PR, but I guarantee you every day you do something that deserves to be celebrated!

Questions about where to start? Click here to set up a free call with a coach to set some goals and start celebrating those small wins.