Amy Krause: Just A Little Nervous!

I was so nervous about starting CrossFit that I stopped by the gym a few hours before just to make sure I wasn’t getting in over my head! I knew a little of what Crossfit was all about. I took care of a young man, a patient of mine, named Zach Miller. Everyone that knew Zach said he was a great CrossFitter, but an even better person.  I also work with a woman, older than I and mother of 3, who started Crossfit some time ago in the Gibsonia area. She looks amazing!  I knew I could do it, but doubted myself just the same.

I had a good first impression during Fundamentals. I walked in to find eight strangers that looked just as nervous and unsure as myself. I made new friends and had some laughs because we were all such amateurs! I glanced throughout the gym at the barbells and other equipment, but didn’t focus too much on those because I had no idea where we would begin.

Everything can definitely be a little intimidating, but I really enjoy learning all the different lifting techniques. The fact that I even deadlifted is pretty awesome!  I know my guy friends that love their deadlifts at the gym, so it’s pretty cool. I’m not in the best shape and know I need to set my own pace and focus on maintaining my goals and having a workout community who support me is great!

If you are on the fence or hesitant about trying CrossFit for the first time definitely get out there and give it a shot! Get out of your comfort zone. It’s a great group and having a coach for guidance makes it that much more comforting.