Our Plan for Reopening Arsenal

As I’m sure many of you are aware the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has begun taking measured steps to open the state back up for business. While Governor Wolf did not provide a hard date for Allegheny County to begin making its transition there is reason for optimism that we are heading in the right direction.

I won’t speculate on an exact timeline as the requirements for moving regions from red to yellow and yellow to green remain unclear to most and this is an area that I am not an expert in. Regardless of when we open up what’s most important is the safety of our members and coaches. 

With so much uncertainty in our lives today it is important that we have a clear and actionable plan in place for when we are given the green light. 

*It is important to note that exact details are based off our best assumptions and that the following outline will serve as a blue print moving forward. If we need to pivot or adjust because of state/federal mandates we will. 

What will the future look like for Arsenal Strength?

We have the luxury of lagging behind countries and states that are opening their doors and we are going to learn from them. The reality is that even when we can open up we don’t know when or if we will be asked to shutdown again in the future. Moving forward we expect a turbulent period with a lot of changes and we have planned for every eventuality. Regardless of what happens we will always be here to coach you as you continue to prioritize your health and fitness.

Flex Training:

If you love online training, we’ve got you covered. You can absolutely continue completely online for as long as you like. No problem!

But we’ve also got a plan that will involve a combination of online coaching and in-person training (Flex Training). Not only will this allow us to continue to customize our program to you but it will also keep the momentum going should we be asked to revert to operating solely online again.

The important thing to know is that we have you covered! You do not need to put your goals on hold and retire to the couch. We will provide you with everything you need to stay motivated as you work toward your goals.

Returning to In-Person Training:

Much like reopening the state, reopening Arsenal will not happen all at once. From what we have learned by looking at places like Georgia and Colorado is that governments are limiting facilities to personal training and an open gym format before permitting actual classes. Assuming PA follows suit here be our stages for reopening:

Stage 1: Flex Training with Open Gym

To adhere to social distancing guidelines we will create 10×10 stations. Each station will be fully equipped with designated rig space, barbell and plates (insert angels singing), rower, bike, dumbbells, etc. Workouts will continue to be customized to the individual but with the added benefit of being back in the gym.

Schedule: The Open Gym schedule will look much like our class schedule before shutting down, but with additional time slots to ensure all of our members have access to our facilities regardless of occupancy limitations. We also recognize that the world is a vastly different place than it was a few months ago. Kids are home and schedules aren’t the same. If we need to add additional time slots, specifically mid-morning/afternoon to accommodate our new reality we will. 

Safety Measures:

  1. We will take everyone’s temperature upon entering the gym. Less than 100.4 is the magic number.
  2. Open Gym Time Slots will be 45 minutes to allow for a 15-minute buffer between sessions for clean up and disinfection before the next group arriving.
  3. You must sign up for a slot via Mindbody. There will be no more than 10 students allowed in each class. 
  4. If you have cold or allergy symptoms, are coughing or not feeling well please do not come in. 
  5. We will ask everyone to sanitize their hands as they come in and again before leaving.
  6. Members will need to wipe down their equipment after each use.
  7. To avoid unnecessary contact all members will enter through the front door but exit through the emergency or garage door. 
  8. We will clean during the extended breaks in the schedule.
  9. Shower facilities will be unavailable.
  10. If in the future you are exposed to COVID please quarantine at home for 14 days.

What about equipment?

  1. A specific date and time for equipment return will be announced when we have a more adequate timeline. 
  2. All equipment lent out will be thoroughly sanitized upon its return.

What if I am staying home?

  1. You will continue to have a coach assigned to you.
  2. You can continue doing zoom workouts, stay using TrueCoach, or some combination you choose with your coach.

Stage 2: Flex Training with Classes

The same as stage one with any update CDC/state requirements but with classes led by a coach.

Stage 3: Fully Operational

Further details will be made available at the appropriate time.

Next Steps:

The obvious next step is getting the go ahead from the state. Once received we will begin implementation. In the meantime, your coaches aren’t going anywhere.

Stay tuned for a Facebook Live announcement next week. I will be hopping on our private page to answer any questions that pop up between now and then. If you have questions or concerns about the plan outlined above please send me an email to [email protected]

Vincent will also be doing a Facebook Live soon to go over programming and what you can expect to see when we return to the gym.

Stay healthy Arsenal Crew,

Brooks and Allie