2021 Nutrition Kickstart: Counting Macros

If you are ready to kickstart 2021 in a new way look no further! This month, we are launching a brand new macros-based nutrition challenge! 

Over four weeks, you will learn about the best practices and tools to help you establish your baseline of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, how to make counting/tracking easy (maybe even fun), and identifying the best foods to meet your goals.  

Arlene Warywoda and Anne Albeck are set to lead our first challenge of 2021, and they promise that even if you have never counted macros, this will be the easiest challenge you have ever done!

The purpose of this program is to help you become more familiar with using macros to reach your goals, portion control, and accountability. You will weigh yourself only on your first day and on the last day of the challenge. If you maintain your macros for all four weeks, you will be surprised by the results! 

Start Date: 

Saturday, January 30


  • In-body Scan for baseline numbers
  • Entering baselines into MyFitnessPal for starting macros
  • Tools to help you adjust macro range based on your goal of losing weight, gaining or muscle, or establishing a maintenance baseline

Weekly Lessons Delivered via Zoom

Week 1: Planning the Night Before

Week 2: Staying Within Your Range

Week 3: Simplifying Weighing and Measuring

Week 4: Identifying the Best Food Choices


$99 for members

$149 for nonmembers

Email [email protected] to reserve your spot!