Butternut Squash Seafood “Pasta”

Life gets busy and sloppy. Your meals should be beautiful. A couple weeks ago, I threw together this twenty-minute meal after a long day of working out, work, and clinical. Even after feeling drained, this “pasta dish” felt gourmet and decorated my plate with color. For instance, one way to know that you are giving your body a variety of nutrients is to diversify the colors in your meals and explore the rainbow of vegetables in the produce section! In particular, even if you are on a budget, Aldi has been expanding their produce to include in-season, organic fruits and veggies. Furthermore, the company is available on Instacart! Now you can save time AND money in your busy schedule. YOU GO-GETTER, YOU!

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Try out this 15 minute meal, with ingredients you can get almost exclusively at Aldi!!
  • 16 oz bag frozen scallops
  • A pound of fresh OR frozen asparagus
  • Pre-cut or spiralized container butternut squash pasta
  • 1 ounce tahini
  • 2 tablespoons minced garlic
  • Spices to taste: salt, pepper, Italian seasoning
Steps to delicious:

1. To start, in one large pan, sauté your vegetables with some avocado or olive oil. Cover and allow to cook until al dente- soft.
2. At the same time, in another large pan, cook your scallops FROM FROZEN over medium heat with the tahini, garlic, and spices.
3. Once cooked through, add the vegetables to the scallops. Mix until well combined.
4. Finally, Allow to simmer for 5 minutes then serve!

This would be lovely for a date night in with some white wine!