8 Biggest Nutrition Failures

Have you tried to improve your nutrition and exercise habits in the past but failed miserably?

You get excited because an event may be quickly approaching, you start making some changes, then life gets in the way or gets busy and everything falls apart.

Having worked with hundreds of people from all walks of life at Arsenal Strength we have learned a few things about getting the body you want and also how to fail at it.

Here is the fastest way to set yourself up for failure:

  1. Don’t have a plan
  2. Rely 100% on willpower, thinking you can will your way through
  3. Keep thinking you don’t know enough, and need to learn more before you can start
  4. Looking for the secret pill or magic superfood
  5. Don’t set deadlines, always start next Monday
  6. Don’t take responsibility for your actions
  7. Don’t enlist your friends
  8. Try and do it all on your own

Some of these actions may be entertaining, especially the, “I will start on Monday” one – I think we can all relate to that.  The not so funny part is that we have seen every single one used in an effort to be successful.  Unfortunately, these are just ways to set yourself up for failure.

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See you soon,

Steve Donnelly – CPT, Pn1
Nutrition Coach
Arsenal Strength