Thursday, March 23

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Lateral Box Jump Overs (24/20”)
Parallette L-Sit
Parallette Pass-throughs
Kick Back Box Jump Overs
Lateral Step Up and Overs
Parallette Knee Tuck
Box Pass-throughs
Kick Back Box Step Ups

Bodyweight Tabata workout. Each movement compounds a little on the next one. Nothing alone will make you too sweaty, but by the end, you will certainly be feeling a little fatigued through your shoulders, midline and quads!


Total reps. Add ALL reps from each movement together to get one score.
* Performing the L-Sit doesn’t count as any reps, BUT if you need to break it up during the 20sec, you need to take away 3 reps each time you break.

WOD Goal

The goal is to do as many reps as possible across the whole workout. That means you should think about how best you can utilise your energy across the 16min. Each movement is different enough that we think the best method is to go as hard as you can every 20sec.

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