Wednesday, February 8
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3 Rounds
25 Box Jumps (24/20″)
20 Front Squat (115/75lbs)
15 Handstand Pushups
Rest 2min
3 Rounds
20 Step Ups
15 Front Squat
10 Pike Pushups
Rest 2min

Today’s Workout is a ‘Sprinty’ work/rest Workout: You go hard for a short period of time, rest, repeat. People’s legs and shoulders will most likely be pretty sore from yesterday, so we’ll make sure to get you warmed up well and hit some Handstand Prep before we start.


Total time to complete Workout (include rest times). This means people are responsible for their own rest times.

WOD Goal

The goal is to do each round as fast as possible. Don’t worry too much about pacing each round. You should almost fully recover by the time you need to go again. If you do it properly, your rounds shouldn’t drop off by too much.

Beyond RXD


Power clean

NOTE: Build across working sets up to a heavy single for the day. Feet splaying out too wide constitutes no rep. As usual, clean and precise footwork is mandatory. Compare to 1/31 and try to go heavier. No more than 2 misses!


Push Press

NOTE: Warm up to a heavy triple and hold that weight across 5 working sets.