Wednesday, April 6

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Heavy DB Fran
DB Thrusters (50/35lbs)
Chest to Bar Pullups
DB Fran
Single Arm DB Thrusters
Inverted Row

We are pretty excited about this one. Why didn’t we think of this workout sooner!? As if Fran isn’t bad enough. Add some dumbbells and chest to bar pullups in there and we have one spicy little couplet!


Time to complete the Workout.

WOD Goal

Think about scaling the load for the Thrusters if you are having trouble doing more than 10 reps fresh. Use a similar guideline for the Pullups. If you are unable to do 5-10 unbroken Chest to Bar Pullups, then scale to regular Pullups first, then to inverted ring rows.

Beyond RXD