Thursday, September 28

GPP: Break up into challenging distances ie. 100 meters per set. TGU should be light as the intent is perfect movement.
Metcon: Quality > quantity. There are some add movements here that will help both with strength and body composition. Also, there is an opportunity to get in some skill work on T2B and although this workout isn’t too metabolically taxing athletes heart-rates will still be elevated around 75-85% for the duration without the concern of too much local fatigue. Overall, there is, at most, 35s of work here so scale accordingly.

EMOM 20:
Minute 1: 15 Barbell Rows (115, 75)
Minute 2: 15/12 T2B
Minute 3: 10 Alternating Weighted Step-ups (45, 25 DBs) (Total)
Minute 4: 10 Single Arm Russian Swings each arm (70, 53) (10 each arm)
Minute 5: 10 Burpees