Thursday, October 26th

Thursday, October 26

GPP Work: Athletes can rest as much as they need to between sets. Most athletes will need roughly 2:00 of rest after each set. Athletes should shoot for 4-5 completed rounds.
Metcon: Athletes will go through one full round before switching with their partner. Lunges and KBS are intended to be heavier, but if athletes have trained more 2x already this week they should go lighter. T2B should be capable of being completed in 2 sets or less. If athletes trained Tuesday today is a good chance to work on their cycling of T2B reps.

20 Minutes:
30s max effort row
100 Meter Farmer Carry – heavy
Rest 30s

AMRAP 18 with a partner:
12 T2B
12 Russian Swings (70, 53)
12 Walking Goblet Lunges (70, 53) (Total)
*One athlete completes a full round a time
L3: (53, 35)
L2: (Knee Raises) (45, 25)
L1: (Abmat Sit-ups) (35, 20) (BW Walking Lunges)