Thursday, October 19th

Skill: Same intent with skill work as last week. This will give athletes two sessions with the same skill to really reinforce proper motor patterns. If it’s an althete’s first week make sure they choose a skill that lines up with their ability.
Metcon: We are looking for athletes to be able to work for 40s without stopping for most of the movements. Movements like renegade rows/T2B will most likely need to be split into two sets.

Gymnastics Skill Work
ODD Minutes: 30s of Gymnastics Skill
EVEN Minutes: 30s of Double Unders or Double Under Practice
*Choose same skill as last week if you were in class.

EMOM 20:
Minute 1: 40s of Mountain Climbers
Minute 2: 40s of T2B
Minute 3: 40s of Walking OH Lunges (45, 25)
Minute 4: 40s of Wallballs (20, 14)
Minute 5: 40s Renegade Rows
*Score = total Wallballs