Thursday, October 12th

Skill: Spend 5 minutes working on 1 skill then perform in an EMOM. The purpose of performing in an EMOM is to practice your movement will your heart-rate slighly elevated.
Metcon: Athletes should only have to break their sets up 1-2x during their 60s work interval. This has been a hard week of training so complete today at 60-70% effort if you’ve trained more than 2x this week already. If you’ve trained less 2x already then perform at closer to 80-85% effort each set and try to sustain efforts for as long as possible.

Gymnastics Skill Work
*Spend 5:00 Working on 1 Skill then perform EMOM style:
ODD Minutes: 30s of Gymnastics Skill
EVEN Minutes: 30s of Double Unders or Double Under Practice

4 Rounds of 60s Work/30s Rest
1a) Wallballs (20, 14)
1b) Alternating Step-ups (athlete choice weight)
1c) 50 Meter Shuttle Sprint
1d) TGU splitting work evenly on each side
1e) Sledgehammer Tire Hits