Thursday, May 25

This piece should be a sprint each set, but not an all out effort. Snatches are intended to be light and should be done UB and muscle-snatch style. Sled push should take roughly 30s to complete so modifying the distance to a time-frame is okay. Usually athletes are surprised how hard sled-work is going lighter will be in their best interest.

Farmer Carry Relay:
In teams of 3 for 10:00
60s UB Max Distance Farmer Carry (70, 53)
*Goal is to walk at least 100m in that 60s interval without dropping.
*Drop = team penalty of
7 Burpees each athlete

5 Rounds of:
100 Backward Sled Drag @moderate weight
15 Power Snatch (75, 55)
12 T2B
Rest 2:00

L3: (65, 35)
L2: (55, 25)
L1: (45, 25)

Extra Credit
DB External Rotation: 2 x 15 ea.