Thursday, June 8

Athletes should choose a challenging 500m row pace and try to hit all their sets at the same pace. This is a good opportunity for athletes to improve T2B cycling as well. These should be able to be done in 2 sets or less. Athletes should have 90s of rest after each set. Wall climbs can easily be scale to 1/2 Wall climb or shoulder taps and still receive the same stimulus.

Every 5:00 x 5 Sets:
Row 500 Meters
10 T2B
2 Wall Climbs

L2: (Knee Lifts) (Half Wall Climbs)
L1: (Knee Lifts) (20 Shoulder Taps)
*Score = slowest split

Extra Credit
3 Rounds of:
Ball Slams or Russian Twists x 20s Max Reps. Rest 60s.