The “Summer Cut”

How on earth is it Memorial Day weekend in just a few days? April snuck past us amidst the challenging and evolving lives we are leading. Kudos to all of you who continue to crush it, learn new topics, attempt new skills, and embrace your current situation. One of the major lessons that I have learned since starting social distancing is to create an environment and living space that I truly enjoy occupying, thereby thriving in a home that is entirely my own design. This mindset has since enabled me to accomplish more each day than I had in the past while still setting aside quality time for myself. The same principles apply when we approach our health and physical fitness. 

Even though we are in “quarantine”, we will receive messages about getting “ready for summer”, “the summer six-pack”, and “beach bodies”. Outdoor spaces are opening, neighbors will open their pools, and others of us will start sprinklers to run through in the backyards. Our skin will feel so free when we expose some arms, legs, bellies, and shoulders. First and foremost, 

My hope for you is that you can look at YOUR PERSON, rather than your body, and place a positive on yourself. 

Look beyond the skin, see your body as a vessel performing amazing things to allow you to… go to work, lift your kids in the air, cook delicious meals, dance to your favorite songs, read intriguing stories, and hike in the woods. With this in mind, when the media bombards you with messaging that encourages 4-6 week fixes to get the body you want, consider this. Consider that when you place a positive value on your body 12 months out of the year, rather than solely the 1-2 prior to Memorial Day, you will: 

  • Always feel ready for summer fun.
  • Be proud of the body you have nourished, trained, and challenged. 
  • Celebrate the accomplishments enabled by your legs, arms, mind, and heart. 

Intentionally placing this positive value is not intuitive – it is something to work on day in and day out. Whether you are a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior, or a general outdoor enthusiast, there are key actions to maintaining this high form of self-care. By doing these actions, the “six-pack” or the “lean body” are natural side-effects of your behaviors. Back away from the “diets”, the “plans”, the “templates”… and approach a sustainable lifestyle rooted in holistic nutrition. Maintaining habits of eating whole foods (mostly plants), quenching your thirst often, using stress reduction and mind-body restoration, playing outdoors, and connecting with others… 

Brooks told us yesterday, that no matter what, our health and well-being need to be the priority. As Hippocrates said, Food is medicine. Have you noticed what’s at the bottom of the CrossFit pyramid? A coincidence? I think not, my friends. Let’s get to the heart of the matter: nutrition. Come find out what we can do together in nutrition coaching at Arsenal!