The Hardest Part of Getting in Shape

Getting in shape isn’t rocket science although there are a lot of companies who would like you to think otherwise. For the most part, if you work out hard 3-4 days a week and eat a healthy balanced diet more days than not you are going to see results. 

So why does it seem so hard?

For starters, there is a lot of noise out there. There are people in magazines telling you to eat this and not that and then you go on the internet to find different people telling you to eat that but not this.

The truth is that most things will work if you do them consistently but that is the hardest part, staying consistent. How do we make our workouts and nutrition routines habitual while navigating through our everyday lives?

  1. Find a coach: Staying on the path is a lot easier when you have a guide who has walked it hundreds of times before. A great coach will know exactly what their clients need and will see stumbling blocks coming well before their clients get there. Find a coach who will go on the journey with you and make sure you stay consistent.
  2. Invest in yourself: The adage of you get what you pay for rings especially true in the fitness world. The best trainers (like the ones at Arsenal) offer a tremendous amount of value to clients because of their years of experience and knowledge. Changing people’s lives is their passion and lifelong careers. Professional trainers like these don’t come cheap but at the end of the day, the results and improvement clients see in their health and everyday lives pay off tenfold. 
  3. Enjoy the journey: Reality check, this is will not bring you instant gratification. You won’t wake up tomorrow and realize that you have reached all of your goals overnight. Rather, you’ll get to enjoy small victories some days and feel moments of doubt and insecurities other. The key is to not let either distract you from your overall goal. Take your moment to celebrate your wins and don’t allow yourself to dwell on the hard times.

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