Roadmap to Your Desired State

When a new client walks through our doors there are two important pieces of information that I need to understand.

  1. Where are they now?
  2. Where do they want to be a year from now?

As a coach, my responsibility is not to sign clients up for a gym membership they will never use. My responsibility is to present clients with a clear roadmap that will get them from their current state to their desired state through fitness and nutrition coaching. 

At Arsenal, we pair that roadmap with accountability because we understand that just giving someone the answers is not enough. People need guides. People need someone who has been there before and has changed their lives and the lives of their clients for the better. 

Being guides to our clients is what separates us from all of the other gyms in the area. We want to walk the path with you. We want to be there to pick you up when you fall and to celebrate your successes along the way. 

2020 is here and we are here for you. 

  • If you want to lose weight we want to help you lose that weight.
  • If you want to get stronger we want to help you get stronger.
  • If your back hurts we want to help take that pain away.
  • If you want to run a marathon we want to help prepare you.
  • If you’re just bored with your current workout and are looking for a change we want to be that change.

If you are reading this you have already started down your path of success. Don’t look back, keep moving forward and take your next steps toward us so we can lead you the rest of the way.

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Every year we run a 4-week Group On-Ramp program aimed at those who want to begin their CrossFit journey and be surrounded by an amazing group of people every step of the way. This year’s Group On-Ramp begins February 4 and spots are filling up fast.

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