Monday, September 25

Strength: This is our athletes first chance to test their Front Squat max in 6 months. Progressively build in weight, but have a plan in mind before starting. We performed a Front Box Squat recently, but most athletes will find they can front squat at least 10% more than that number.
Metcon: Repeat Benchmark conditioning piece. Complete each set at 90-95% effort. Deadlifts should be challenging but capable of being done UB. Wallballs should be done in 2 sets or less. 2:00 rest will ensure athletes performance does not fall off too much.

1RM Front Squat

5 RFT:
10 Deadlifts (185, 125)
20 Wallballs (20, 14)
Rest 2:00

Rx+:(225, 155)
L3: (185, 125)
L2: (155, 105) (14, 10)
L1: (135, 95) (10, 8)
Score = total time
20:00 Cap