Monday, January 30
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2 Wall Ball (20/14lbs)
2 Chest to Bar Pullup
8 Double Unders
Double the reps each round
As far as you can go in 15min

2 Wall Ball
2 Jumping Pullup
4 Fast Feet Jumps
Double the reps each round
As far as you can go in 15min

Today’s workout requires just a little bit of math! Pacce wall balls and pull-ups from the start. With a workout like this it’s easy to go out hard and burn yourself out 5 minutes into the workout. The double unders will add up quickly so be aware and scale appropriately so you aren’t spending too much time getting through them.


Total Rounds + Reps in the 15min
Round 1 = 2/2/8 reps
Round 2 = 4/4/16 reps
Round 3 = 6/6/24 reps
Round 4 = 8/8/32 reps
Round 5 = 10/10/40 reps and so on….

WOD Goal

Aim for above or around 8 rounds if you are moving the whole time and performing most of the sets unbroken. The Pullups will most likely need to be broken up after round 5 for Rxd people doing the Chest to Bar Pullups. This will be the limiting factor for most people. Scale the Pullups to regular Pullups and than supine ring rows.

Beyond RXD



NOTE: Warm up to a heavy triple and hold that weight across 5 working sets. Compare to 1/20/2017 and try to go heavier.


As many reps as possible in 20 minutes:
15 calorie Assualt bike (or 20 cal Row)
10 Bench press (BW/.75BW)

NOTE: 8-10 rounds is ideal here. If 10 bench at the RX weight can’t be done unbroken, scale down to where at least 3 rounds can be done without racking the bar mid-set.