Monday, April 3

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Run 800m
50 Wall Ball (20/14lbs)
25 Box Jumps (32/24″)
Run 800m
5 Rounds
Run 200m
10 Wall Ball
10 Step Ups

We took the workout ‘Kelly’ and dissected her a little. We think it’s a fun little burner, but can decide for yourself!


Time to complete the Workout.

WOD Goal

Because the stimulus for the Wall Ball and Box Jump is going to be slightly different than normal, set a solid/comfortable pace at the start. This means starting your first run at the same pace you intend to perform your second one, which is harder than it seems.

Beyond RXD

For time:
Row 500m
30 Bench Press (BW/.75BW)
Row 1K
20 Bench Press (BW/.75BW)
Row 2K
10 Bench Press (BW/.75BW)

NOTE: Goal is to finish under 24 minutes. This does not allow for you to get bogged down on the bench. If you are unable to hit 12 reps at the prescribed weight unbroken, scale down, as you will get a much better training session in. Good times will be under 20 minutes.