Mike Kappler: Cardio, strength, and mobility all in one place?

“I spent over a year at a local bootcamp and after awhile, I knew I needed to change up my workout regiment. After doing some research, CrossFit seemed like the perfect fit. Cardio, strength, and mobility all in one place? Sold.

I knew after the first workout I was going to stick around. Not only were the coaches extremely patient and insightful when explaining every minute detail of the WOD, they really fostered a welcoming environment for everyone at the gym. Having such passionate, devoted coaches has truly been an integral part of the CrossFit experience for me.

Despite whatever is going on in my life, I have a space that allows me to be surrounded by a group of individuals who are nothing but positive, supportive, and a little weird. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Plus, everyone needs a space to disconnect; Arsenal is that space for me.

My biggest take away from CrossFit has been to be patient with my body. Results aren’t achieved overnight, injuries happen, and Saturday AM workouts are best completed without a hangover. Striking a balance with your workouts, diet, and social life has been key for me. Persistence and a realistic set of goals go a long way.”